Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Help!!! We need a cool pic for our facebook page!

Research Image

Attention all Chapel IB Chemistry students!

Our Facebook page needs a cool chemistry picture and we need your help!  Submit your picture on the course moodle site and if I pic it (get it =P) you will get a bonus point on the next exam...which for you in my A period will be this next Monday! Study up on your atomic structure!  The picture should be related to chemistry and appropriate.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Class Rules and Erlenmeyer Flasks has been a heck of a first week!  We actually covered a lot of ground and we are set up for a great semester!  Do you remember what an Erlenmeyer flask is used for?  Did you know that Erlenmeyer flasks have eyebrows and can paddle canoes?

This year I am going to be trying something new.  On a weekly basis I am going to be keeping a blog of our class.  The blog opens up a new stream of communication between You (my students) and Me (your teacher).
I think the number one most important topic we discussed this week was our class rules.  I will put a short list here to summarize what we discussed.

Dr. White's Rules of the Road

  1. R...E...S...P...E...C...T yourself (do your work, get it in on time), others (we are all trying to learn) and Me (Everything that I ask you to do for me is an essential part of learning Chemistry)
  2. English only please (let's face get enough Portuguese em yourself a favor and practice your English in class)
  3. Raise your hand (we have a lot of people in class, that is a lot of brains to keep revved up, blurting out answers kills momentum...don't be that guy/gal!)
  4. Be Clean!  (Leave the lab the way you found it...clean up after yourself!) (love this guy's eyebrows!)
  5. Absence (Before you go jet setting off to some tournament or vacation, let me know at least one day ahead of time.  You are responsible for all work over your vacation!  Help me help you!)
Ok, that about is all I have for now...we'll be in touch!